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Drummer Nation #95 Guest: Walfredo Reyes, Jr.


Born in Cuba, raised in Puerto Rico, and honing his musical style in the U.S., Walfredo Reyes, Jr. learned drums from a master, his own father – Walfredo, Sr. Combining his skills as a percussionist with his love of the drumset, Walfredo has developed a truly global rhythmic style that has kept him in demand with the likes of Carlos Santana, Steve Winwood, Sergio Mendez, Gloria Estafan, and Boz Scaggs. He currently plays drum set with the Classic band, Chicago as he continues to compose, record, produce and teach

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Drummer Nation #94 Guest: Robyn Flans


Robyn Flans is an entertainment journalist, known especially for her insightful Modern Drummer Magazine interviews with many of the biggest names in the industry. Robyn has authored four music books, many album liner notes, and currently hosts a live drummer radiocast. She co-authored Ed Shaughnessy’s autobiography, Lucky Drummer. Her newest offering is a biography of the great drummer, Jeff Porcaro. Robyn continues to work in print, audio and video genres and hosts the website, robynflansdrummerinterviews.com

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Drummer Nation #93 Guest: Danny Gottlieb


Danny Gottlieb is best known as the drummer in the original Pat Metheny Group. Danny appears on over 300 CDs, including 4 Grammy winners. He has worked with Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Randy Brecker, and Gary Sinese’s Lieutenant Dan Band, to name just a few. Danny’s teachers include Joe Morello, Mel Lewis, Ed Soph, and Jack DeJohnette. He currently teaches at the University of North Florida, and frequently works in the Nashville music scene.

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Drummer Nation #92 Guest: Dave Mattacks


Dave Mattacks is an English-born rock and folk drummer. He was on the London music scene in the early days, working at the famous shop, Drum City. Dave played with several jazz bands before joining the influential British folk-rock band Fairport Convention, with whom he worked, on and off, from 1969 until 1997. Along the way, Dave worked with Paul McCartney, Elton John, George Harrison, Jimmy Page, and Jethro Tull. In 1998, he moved to Massachusetts, where he is a sought-after studio musician, record producer, and member of the band Super Genius

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Drummer Nation #91 Guest: John Ramsay ‘Happy Drumming’


John Ramsay’s interest in playing drums began at the age of ten. He went on to study with jazz greats Joe Morrello, Max Roach, and Alan Dawson, leading to a two-year stint as the second drummer for Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. He was one of the first teachers at the renowned Berklee College of Music, where he developed a holistic teaching philosophy which presents music as an avenue for students to discover their own humanity and form a happy life. After 38 years of teaching, John recently retired from Berklee. He’s authored several method books and continues to be active on the jazz scene.

Drummer Nation #86 Guest: Todd Sucherman “Last Flight Home”


Todd Sucherman, best known as the drummer for the band Styk and as an award winning educator, has a new album out under his own name, called Last Flight Home. Coproduced and cowritten by longtime friend, J. K. Harrison, Todd’s, sensitive groove based drumming serves to reveal his talents as a solid song writer, producer and arranger, and surprisingly, as a first rate singer.

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Drummer Nation #84: Brazilian Jazz Master Duduka Da Fonseca (pt 1 of 2)


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Duduka Da Fonseca started playing drums when he was thirteen. He moved to New York City in 1975 and was the founder and leader of Brazilian All Stars, Brazilian Express, and the New York Samba Band. He was a teacher at the Drummers Collective and wrote an instructional book, Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset. He is a founding member and co-leader of Trio Da Paz and leads the Duduka DaFonseca Trio. Part one of twohttp://www.drummernation.com/

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